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Mind-blowing Puzzle – The Impossible Quiz 2 Online

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Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1Background Information:
The Impossible Quiz 4 game is a puzzle game that forces you to really think. The Impossible game quiz was originally created in 2007 (the 30 question demo was made in 2004) but due to the extremely good feedback a mobile version of the game was created in 2009. This game was designed for not only average players but for beginners as well. So, do not fret and do not be scared. The difficulty level is on medium. There are mostly ten unusable power-ups throughout the whole game which isn’t so bad.

How to Play:
The only controls are the mouse if you are playing on a computer or a keyboard if you are playing on the mobile version, same buttons work in third version of the game. There are a total of 120 questions. On the screen, a question will popup on the screen or a task with four options you can click on. One of the four options will be the correct answer so choose wisely. Warning, a lot of the questions require you to think outside of the box and have more than one meaning so try to be open-minded. You are only given five lives so be careful. There are no checkpoints so you are taking all the questions at once. While you are playing the game you will receive Skips which allow you to skip certain questions.

The Terrifying Tab keys and bombs:
Beware of the dangerous tab keys! In the Impossible game quiz, tab keys are used to highlight certain objects on the screen (you can use this anytime throughout the game). Many of the questions you may use tab keys for play tricks on you. Another thing to look out for are bombs that appear on certain questions. Bombs have a timer from about one to ten seconds. If you fail to answer the question within the amount of time the game ends.


The Impossible Quiz 2 has many updates and upgrades. Before, the Impossible Quiz had only 110 questions but now the Impossible Quiz 2 has 120 questions (10 extra questions). Other than the amount of questions, you will receive a grade which calculates your performance throughout the whole game. There is also a new power-up named Fuses topper who is a purple monster and can defuse the bombs. In the old Impossible Quiz you only had three lives but now in Impossible Quiz 2 you have five lives. Sadly, there are still no checkpoints which add to the challenge. Also, there are three chapters with 50 questions in each. So enjoy playing Impossible Quiz 2 and good luck!

Zombie Shooting in ZTP

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cityNinja Kiwi’s Zombie Trailer Park, for those of you who haven’t heard of it before, is yet another App Store contender that saw its humble beginnings as a free-to-play Flash game. The app port of the game has been released with virtually no changes (except for the interface), and the whole thing is doled out for a pleasantly reasonable $0. THE GAME: Following suit with myriad other flash games, Zombie Trailer Park is built in a base-defense style, with your base on one side and the enemy’s base on the other. You and your opponent throw wave-upon-wave deluge of units against each other, with each unit mindlessly rushing towards the opposing direction to annihilate any hostile it comes across. The game ends when either one’s base is destroyed. There’s a steady trickle of resources to fuel your unit-producing efforts. There’s also “Yeehaw points” that are obtained whenever you successfully kill a zombie. Yeehaw points can activate abilities that could turn the tide of battle in your favor. If that sounds familiar to you, that’s because many other popular Flash titles and mobile games fall into the same archetype, such as Battlecats and Alien9.

However, there are only four measly stages to clear, each one leaving you with more difficulty but better equipped with abilities and units than the last. That being said, there finishing the game shouldn’t be a challenge for veterans of the base-defense genre, although there’s always competition for the fastest game clear on the online leaderboards. THE CONTROLS: Being on mobile, the game controls exactly as you’d expect: tap the unit portraits to deploy them and watch them duke it out with your undead opponents. The game has little to offer in the way of player interaction, excluding the times when you earn enough Yeehaw points to smite your foes with special powers that can help you push back overwhelming odds or secure a win. There are a lot of deployable units to choose from, each with their own unique zombie-slaying abilities, and you can also construct buildings and other structures to help out with putting the dead back to rest by contributing to base defense, shooting zombies that get too close or stopping them in their tracks, or doing some other useful activity. The real fun of this game lies in watching your rednecks rush in and massacre the zombies with their unique abilities and weapons. This game requires you to have a fast tapping hand and smart resource management to win the day. Also If you’re fond of zombie games try Earn to die 3 flash game for free.Zombie Shooting in ZTP

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The Return Man mud bowl Flash Game is Back-Get a new immersive experience!

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The Return Man mud bowlSo you’re ready to have fun like you’ve never had before? The Return Man mud bowl is back, and is even better than the initial game. Here’s the game description, controls, game levels, and crucial tips that are specially designed for new players who yearn to progress in the game.

Game description
This is a favorite game for both adults and kids. It’s about a football player who’s obliged with catching the ball and running past the defenders to reach the finish line. Apparently, this game has a very appealing game play that makes it a perfect flash game choice for both adults and kids.
Additionally, there is a collection of levels that make the game more interesting and popular.
As a player, you can unlock a set of exceptional moves during the game. However, this depends on your score that you accomplish by striking the A button. If you manage to reach the finish line with the ball, you’re instantly declared a winner.

mud-mapGame levels
we’ve about 15 stages in the game, and each specific stage has a distinctive number of levels that you should finish so you can unlock the next level. As each stage progression gets tougher, the level advancement gets tougher as well.

As a player, your player controls are somewhat unusual compared with various other flash games. Rather than utilizing the common S, A, W, and D in controlling the characters to the directions you prefer, this game involves the utilization of L, K, J, and the I buttons. To add to that, you can also use the M button to mute your game’s sound effects and the space-bar to carry on with the game.
Once you’ve finished certain levels in the game, you’ll be required to start unlocking special moves to help your football star finish future levels and stages.

  • A – Spin
    • S – Speed Burst
    • D – Front Flip

My tips and instructions for novices
1. During the game, you’ll see certain objects that seem like a star or a lightning bolt. Collect these items as much as you can, they’ll enhance your overall game. The stars you collect will add you extra points while lightning bolts collected will provide a momentary speed boost to help you reach the final score.
2. When playing on slippery snow fields and you wish to stop running, you must account for the sliding. You must set the stopping time properly so that you’ll stop inside the yellow circle.
3. Do not be shy to utilize special move you unlock. Special moves help you escape a tight jam and save you from being attacked.
4. Know the precise number of times you fail in a given level. Each time you’re attacked, you actually lose one possession and if you fail four possessions you’ll finally lose the entire game. Consequently, you’ll be required to begin that same level again. Play Wideout Return Man at

What is Apple Shooter unblocked

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What is Apple Shooter unblockedNow this is the Shakespearean one! Here is the deal: You have to shoot an apple. With an arrow. And its on your friend’s head. And deprived of the reluctance that kind of situation would surely invoke in the real-life terms, you are free to go on some brain-spilling rampage. Even though you are still kind of supposed to aim for the apple, the large number of different deaths your friend can encounter, depending on where exactly he got shot, is pretty much designed with the intention to at least make a player curious. Therefore, I urge you to also try every one of them unhesitatingly. Who knows, there might even be an Easter egg somewhere in there. You can play more peaceful and funny game as well Learntofly2 🙂

The controls of Apple Shooter unblocked are really simple: you do the aiming part by moving the mouse cursor, press and hold the mouse button to draw the bow all they way(a real archer would say “to the anchor point”, which is the term for the area around the chin), and release to shoot an arrow. You, of course, may choose not to wait until the full power before you release it, but appears that such choice can only be useful in case that you are looking for the different ways for your friends to get killed.
Being in the position of the archer, the Apple Shooter unblocked to be precise, at first you will be placed on a fairly small distance from your target, so all you have to do in the first level is to place the cursor over an apple. However, with every good shot you make, the additional 5 feet is added to the distance. Gradually, the gravity starts to kick in, making it so that, after just a few levels, you also have to count in the fall, and to aim higher, in order to keep smashing those apples into pieces.

Having in mind that the apple seemingly keeps getting back, no matter how many times you hit it, there is also the high score sheet in the main menu, helping us to keep track of those among us who got away the furthest before painting the gray wall in the background, as well as the grass, with the cerebral fluid of their friend(seriously, the person is just referred to just as “your friend, and the only thing that does is that it makes it look as the game is trying to poke your conscience with a stick).But don’t let these kind of questions bother you. Grab your bow and arrow and take aim in this interesting William Tell reference, providing us with the invaluable insights on what would have happened if the famous Swiss folk story had gone south. Also we recommend you to try Tank Trouble at official site .

Impossible Quiz will get you hooked

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Impossible Quiz needs no introduction. The third installment in the quiz series by Slapp-me-do, Impossible quiz 3 comes with more features and action packed questions. Just like the other quizzes, the questions are in multiple choice format, appearing in the same order every time the player loses his five lives(one life lost for every wrong answer) and starts over again. Well, almost!

Impossible quiz 1


Even though the player gets five lives, the stakes of the game are higher. The game promises to keep players engaged as they need to make quick decisions and do some out of the box thinking. The answer is never what it seems! And that’s the beauty of the Impossible Quiz. The game has skips and bombs and fusestoppers!’Bomb’ questions give the player anywhere around 1-15 seconds to answer a question until the bomb explodes and the game is over. They appear on the screen indicating so. ‘Skips’ allow players to go the next question without giving an answer. These can be used only once but can be used anywhere in the game once acquired. ‘Fusestoppers’ appear only for a brief instant and give players the ability to completely blow away the fuse of a bomb, giving them more time to answer the question. There are three such fusesoppers in the game and they appear only when they sense a bomb.


Impossible Quiz 3 Game promises to be more funny and way more weird than it’s predecessors, it is 100% free and you can play it here. From random sequences that ask you to enter keys to unsolvable questions that keep you guessing, the game is a treat for online gamers and anyone who thinks they’re really smart. This game is not for the light hearted or the quitters. It requires wit, grit and something that’s supposed to rhyme and sound contextually right here. Wow! Where did that come from? I think I’ve played enough Impossible quiz for today. Now it’s time you do!

A Guide to Happy Wheels Best Gaming Experience

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An excellent guide to Happy Wheels will tell you that the game is an intriguing and addictive graphics-based flash game. Considering the game comes with lots of blood and guts, the players must have a strong stomach. Nonetheless, it is one of the few games that combine physics with a sense of humor.

on your phoneThe Keyboard

Moving on to the package, the keyboard has four arrows, a Ctrl button, a space bar and letter “Z”. During the first few trials, the player gets to feel the difference when controlling his character in the game because the controls are not only smooth but also highly sensitive. Yeah, like many other games, you have to choose a character and level to begin playing. As such, the game package has a great variety of characters, but you have to start with the four basic characters that are the key to unlocking higher levels of the game.


These four basic characters are the rugged old man who rides on a wheel chair, a guy who rides a bicycle and carries a passenger in the backseat, and then comes the big woman riding on a scooter specifically made for the disabled, and lastly, a businessman who rides in a private car. These characters make a perfect personality for the highly dangerous adventures the game holds.


The primary agenda in this game is to finish one level without sustaining any injuries. To say the least, just a drop of blood disqualifies the character and results to a failed mission. The uniqueness of this game is the characters can still play even if they lose their hands or feet from a tragic fall. Once you get any body part hurt, it automatically falls off, and you slowly bleed to death. You need to apply a great deal of patience and be sensitive enough to pull the right strings in good time for you to make it to higher levels.

A Guide to Happy Wheels Best Gaming ExperienceIn addition, Unblocked Happy Wheels is one of the few games that allow players to create new terrains using its level editor.