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Tank Trouble: Single and Multiplayer Mayhem

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Tank Trouble: Single and Multiplayer MayhemTank Trouble Game is essentially a top-down shooter in which you control a Tank. It can be played alone, against the AI, or with friends. Its design is rather simple, bur its competitive aspect makes up for that.

As noted earlier, unblocked Tank Trouble Game has a very minimalistic design. The map is basically a white background with a maze outline in gray. The game has a three player mode and each tank has a distinctive color: Red for the first Player, Green for the second Player and Blue for the third player. The design is a little bit more intricate when it comes to the bullets and cannonballs that the player can use. There are four types of ammo: A small cannonball, that acts as your default weapon; a laser beam, that outlines its trajectory before being shot; a missile, that is capable of following the other players and a big cannonball, that spreads shrapnel upon impact. It is important to note that all of these projectiles bounce off of walls, so it is possible to shoot yourself if you get in their way. When the tanks move they leave a dust trail, even though there’s not an actual floor fo dust to come out of.

Whatever this game lacks on the design department it makes up for in its gameplay. It is simple, competitive and fun. The idea is to chase your opponents and shoot them, if you are the last tank standing you get a point. It es very straightforward, its charm is in its simplicity. The controls are simple too: Q to shoot and ESDF to move if you are the first Player, M to shoot and the Keyboard arrows to move if you are the second player and the Left Click to shoot and mouse to move if you are the third. It can get a little bit annoying to use the mouse, moving is really difficult, but shooting is easier. Sometimes your tank can get stuck on walls, and it can be a little bit tricky to unjam it. There is also a single-player mode in tanktrouble 3, in which you play against Laika, a robotic dog that controls a gray tank. She can be pretty tough, you might want to get a little practice with your friends first.

The sound of this game is also lacking. Only projectiles make a sound when being shot. Also, when ammunition boxes spawn in the map they make a rather annoying sound.
If you have friends to play it with, this can be a very fun game, mostly because of its competitive factor. If you play it alone though, it can get old pretty quick.