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Impossible Quiz will get you hooked

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Impossible Quiz needs no introduction. The third installment in the quiz series by Slapp-me-do, Impossible quiz 3 comes with more features and action packed questions. Just like the other quizzes, the questions are in multiple choice format, appearing in the same order every time the player loses his five lives(one life lost for every wrong answer) and starts over again. Well, almost!

Impossible quiz 1


Even though the player gets five lives, the stakes of the game are higher. The game promises to keep players engaged as they need to make quick decisions and do some out of the box thinking. The answer is never what it seems! And that’s the beauty of the Impossible Quiz. The game has skips and bombs and fusestoppers!’Bomb’ questions give the player anywhere around 1-15 seconds to answer a question until the bomb explodes and the game is over. They appear on the screen indicating so. ‘Skips’ allow players to go the next question without giving an answer. These can be used only once but can be used anywhere in the game once acquired. ‘Fusestoppers’ appear only for a brief instant and give players the ability to completely blow away the fuse of a bomb, giving them more time to answer the question. There are three such fusesoppers in the game and they appear only when they sense a bomb.


Impossible Quiz 3 Game promises to be more funny and way more weird than it’s predecessors, it is 100% free and you can play it here. From random sequences that ask you to enter keys to unsolvable questions that keep you guessing, the game is a treat for online gamers and anyone who thinks they’re really smart. This game is not for the light hearted or the quitters. It requires wit, grit and something that’s supposed to rhyme and sound contextually right here. Wow! Where did that come from? I think I’ve played enough Impossible quiz for today. Now it’s time you do!