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Mind-blowing Puzzle – The Impossible Quiz 2 Online

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Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1Background Information:
The Impossible Quiz 4 game is a puzzle game that forces you to really think. The Impossible game quiz was originally created in 2007 (the 30 question demo was made in 2004) but due to the extremely good feedback a mobile version of the game was created in 2009. This game was designed for not only average players but for beginners as well. So, do not fret and do not be scared. The difficulty level is on medium. There are mostly ten unusable power-ups throughout the whole game which isn’t so bad.

How to Play:
The only controls are the mouse if you are playing on a computer or a keyboard if you are playing on the mobile version, same buttons work in third version of the game. There are a total of 120 questions. On the screen, a question will popup on the screen or a task with four options you can click on. One of the four options will be the correct answer so choose wisely. Warning, a lot of the questions require you to think outside of the box and have more than one meaning so try to be open-minded. You are only given five lives so be careful. There are no checkpoints so you are taking all the questions at once. While you are playing the game you will receive Skips which allow you to skip certain questions.

The Terrifying Tab keys and bombs:
Beware of the dangerous tab keys! In the Impossible game quiz, tab keys are used to highlight certain objects on the screen (you can use this anytime throughout the game). Many of the questions you may use tab keys for play tricks on you. Another thing to look out for are bombs that appear on certain questions. Bombs have a timer from about one to ten seconds. If you fail to answer the question within the amount of time the game ends.


The Impossible Quiz 2 has many updates and upgrades. Before, the Impossible Quiz had only 110 questions but now the Impossible Quiz 2 has 120 questions (10 extra questions). Other than the amount of questions, you will receive a grade which calculates your performance throughout the whole game. There is also a new power-up named Fuses topper who is a purple monster and can defuse the bombs. In the old Impossible Quiz you only had three lives but now in Impossible Quiz 2 you have five lives. Sadly, there are still no checkpoints which add to the challenge. Also, there are three chapters with 50 questions in each. So enjoy playing Impossible Quiz 2 and good luck!