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Zombie Shooting in ZTP

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cityNinja Kiwi’s Zombie Trailer Park, for those of you who haven’t heard of it before, is yet another App Store contender that saw its humble beginnings as a free-to-play Flash game. The app port of the game has been released with virtually no changes (except for the interface), and the whole thing is doled out for a pleasantly reasonable $0. THE GAME: Following suit with myriad other flash games, Zombie Trailer Park is built in a base-defense style, with your base on one side and the enemy’s base on the other. You and your opponent throw wave-upon-wave deluge of units against each other, with each unit mindlessly rushing towards the opposing direction to annihilate any hostile it comes across. The game ends when either one’s base is destroyed. There’s a steady trickle of resources to fuel your unit-producing efforts. There’s also “Yeehaw points” that are obtained whenever you successfully kill a zombie. Yeehaw points can activate abilities that could turn the tide of battle in your favor. If that sounds familiar to you, that’s because many other popular Flash titles and mobile games fall into the same archetype, such as Battlecats and Alien9.

However, there are only four measly stages to clear, each one leaving you with more difficulty but better equipped with abilities and units than the last. That being said, there finishing the game shouldn’t be a challenge for veterans of the base-defense genre, although there’s always competition for the fastest game clear on the online leaderboards. THE CONTROLS: Being on mobile, the game controls exactly as you’d expect: tap the unit portraits to deploy them and watch them duke it out with your undead opponents. The game has little to offer in the way of player interaction, excluding the times when you earn enough Yeehaw points to smite your foes with special powers that can help you push back overwhelming odds or secure a win. There are a lot of deployable units to choose from, each with their own unique zombie-slaying abilities, and you can also construct buildings and other structures to help out with putting the dead back to rest by contributing to base defense, shooting zombies that get too close or stopping them in their tracks, or doing some other useful activity. The real fun of this game lies in watching your rednecks rush in and massacre the zombies with their unique abilities and weapons. This game requires you to have a fast tapping hand and smart resource management to win the day. Also If you’re fond of zombie games try Earn to die 3 flash game for free.Zombie Shooting in ZTP

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